The Perils of Gambling…

To whomever it may concern,

Firstly please forgive the rather apathetic tone this email will
undoubtedly convey. The experience I will describe should go some way to
justifying this proclaimer.

On Saturday I visited the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play in a
pre-season friendly. As is the tradition with my friends we decided to
put our bets on before we found our seats as this always adds an extra
excitement to the game, to counteract a defeat should one of us win our

I had three bets, each costing £3. I gave the cashier a £20 note
expected £11 change. I was given a £10 note. He was too busy discussing
something to his colleague to notice his mistake. I left the £10 note on
the desk in order for him to see his mistake and waited for him to turn
his attention back to me and then told him that he owed me £1, showing
him my 3 betting slips.

He quickly snatched the £10 note and replaced it with a £1 coin and then
turned back to his colleague to continue his conversation. I called him
back and told him that he just took my £10 and that he needs to give it
back. He stated that “I didn’t take nothing”. I told him exactly where
he had put it (from where I could see seconds earlier) which was beneath
the counter literally inches from where my finger was pointing. “Mate, I
ain’t taken nothing” he continued to say followed by “Look, I’m not in
the business of ripping people off”.

By now I was quite sure I had lost my money, before the game had even
kicked off! He offered to count the till for me which I accepted but he
wouldn’t be able to do it till half time as it was too busy. I told him
I would definitely be back at half time.

When I came back he told him that he had checked the till twice and that
it all added up. I knew this was a mistake or a lie. He kept telling me
that I probably gave him £10 instead of a £20 which I knew wasn’t the
case, since he had already gave me a £10 in change. He wasn’t grasping
nor understanding the situation. Regardless of whether he understood the
situation or not £10 of my money had seemingly disappeared somewhere
behind his counter leading me to one of three conclusions:

a) He didn’t count the till.
b) He can’t count a till.
c) He should have been checking his pockets instead.

When I suggested that he should check his pockets instead he kindly told
me to “F*ck off” and given the army of stewards around me who would have
thrown me out for showing any sign of anger I had to concede and take
his advice. I had been robbed. Just because I had a beer in my hand I am
automatically the one who has made the mistake and obviously not to be
taken seriously.

Anyway, his name was “apparently” Kurt according to his name tag and it
was in the Orange Quadrent, Block 8 of the Emirates Stadium. I don’t
expect anything to be done about it, after all, it’s one of your staff
member’s words against mine. I am only bothering to email you at all in
order to at least show some consistency in the fact that I was not
trying to con Ladbrokes out of money and that in fact I was robbed.

Rest assured the tradition of putting bets on before a game will now
take place at the William Hill on Holloway Road.


Mr Dan Sanderson

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