Let’s grow Plumeria

The wife and I recently got back from an amazing honeymoon in Hawaii. I know right! Hawaii!!

As well as it being a trip to celebrate our love for each other I also appeared to fall in love with something else. The beautiful tropical plants of the Pacific Islands. Plants and flowers I’d never seen before and now I want to try to grow them here, in the UK! Crazy, I know, but I think with some TLC over the winter and a bit of good luck for our next summer (this one was awful) I think I might stand a chance.

So, I bought some seeds online (10 for about £15) and planted them in well draining soil (potting soil mixed with sand in equal measures) and now we play the waiting game! The seeds it’s worth mentioning are not was I was expecting. They look like the little helicopters that drop from trees here in UK.

I did a little research and I’m confident that I’m doing this correctly. Seed in the soil with the tail sticking out the top. I’ve got a cover over the top of them to create a mini greenhouse and placed them next to the window where we get most of the sunshine. Should I require more light I’ll rig up some lights to get them through the long winter.

Also I bought myself a cutting, so that I can try both approaches but as of yet I don’t have any root hormone so I’ll be planting that later this week. Watch this space, I’ll post updates as I go.