Timelapse of Jupiter

South West London – 13th December 2012 – 9:30pm

Using a webcam attached to the end of a telescope.

Jupiter through the telescope with a webcam.

Jupiter through the telescope with a webcam.


Came out pretty well in the end. It’s a little bit bright but that’s because I couldn’t find a filter to stick on the end of it. The webcam isn’t too hot either, wrong type of sensor. Nether-the-less still pretty happy with the result.

Here’s my webcam with the lens and focus wheel removed from the front. I’ve set it in a lump of blu-tak (well green in this case) in order to get a straight edge on the front of the camera. The Logitech¬† C905 webcam is not very powerful, and is a rather odd shape to attach a tube to. The cylinder I’ve used is a camera film case (with the end cut off) which just so happens to be exactly 1/4 of an inch, making it the perfect tube to slot into the telescope view finder.