Pleiades Star Cluster

Click for Hi-Res version

Click for Hi-Res version

The large dot on the right is Jupiter. You can clearly make out the 7 bright stars in the cluster, but if not see below for an easy to understand illustration.

Hungry Trains

He can’t eat on trains.

But he can! He just hides his food when people are around. He will gladly chomp his way through a cheese burger on his way home from a late night at work. But as soon as he hears someone coming he’ll swallow whatever is in his mouth (which normally hasn’t been chewed enough making his eyes water as it finds it’s way down), wrap up his food and pretends he has nothing. Sometimes the person would get off earlier than him, allowing him to continue with his belated snack, other times he would have to wait till he got all the way to his station. By this point the food is cold and, not liking cold food that was originally hot, he would throw it away and settle for what he managed to eat before his interruption. Eating disorder? No… he likes to eat. He goes out for dinner with friends and has no problem eating and holding conversation. He’d like to know why it’s different on those hungry trains.