Madison’s Square Garden

Madison had a square garden and a round garage. Although she did not own a car or a lorry or a bicycle she maintained her need for a garage, and in her garage she had plenty.

Now then; each and every time a mistaken music goer made the inevitable hoohah and ended up at Madison’s square garden she would direct them to her round garage which she claimed to be a backstage area. After not too long she had quite a collection of other people’s fans in her round garage and she began to prepare her own concert. She was a very talented Sitar player so built a stage in her square garden. Now, owing to the fact that to exit her property you would have to cross her square garden her plan was to open the round garage via remote control releasing her fans at which point she would commence the musical extravaganza and unleash her music talent.

The plan was working flawlessly until she put it into action. For at the precise moment the plan came into action it became obvious that the fans were in fact dead and thus could not appreciate the melodies coming from Madison’s square garden.