Unity Hotel Game Idea

I’ve recently been inspired buy some indie horror games I’ve seen on YouTube play-throughs. The thing that I found most appealing is that they aren’t always super long games. Sometimes they’re just “See how long you can stay alive” type games. A lot of them don’t even have huge story lines.

So, I’ve started work on building a Hotel corridor scene. They’re always scary right!? Here’s how I’ve started, using Blender and Unity. If anything it’ll give me the opportunity to learn some cool new stuff.  Here’s the basic frame of the scene.

Terminal Traffic

tt1.jpg tt2.jpg tt3.jpg

A project I’ve been working on for a while, on and off but determined to get finished eventually. I’ve uploaded a prototype for you to have a bit of fun with. You can’t crash a plane, the thing that everyone wants to do and currently this is no scoring involved though there will be.

The idea behind the game is to guide the planes to their correct gates and get them to take off when they have finished refuelling, boarding etc.

Eventually I hope to have scheduled times for take-off, which would give you points should you meet the deadlines. Would like to know what people think. It’s supposed to be a slow game that reflects the speed of real traffic on a terminal.