Blender Character Design

I started doing some experiements in Blender as I intend to make a spooky character for my horror game. Rather than fiddle around too long with the animation of the legs walking I thought I make the guy wear a long cloak in order to hide his lower torso. Here’s a basic test of how it looks:

Unity Hotel Game Idea

I’ve recently been inspired buy some indie horror games I’ve seen on YouTube play-throughs. The thing that I found most appealing is that they aren’t always super long games. Sometimes they’re just “See how long you can stay alive” type games. A lot of them don’t even have huge story lines.

So, I’ve started work on building a Hotel corridor scene. They’re always scary right!? Here’s how I’ve started, using Blender and Unity. If anything it’ll give me the opportunity to learn some cool new stuff.  Here’s the basic frame of the scene.