pldm Orbiter

Another astronomy inspired Actionscript application for pldm.  With  Orbiter you can add “bodies” to the stage, setting it’s name, mass, radius, x-velocity, y-velocity and colour. Then let them go and see what sort of solar system you end up with.

Link to Version 1.0 Beta :

I had great fun building this in my spare time (which is in short supply) and it turns out that it’s pretty fun to play with. If you’re a PHD/Master of Astrophysics please remember, I’m not, which is why this is “just for fun”.

UI Panel with options to add a central star, show body information (including velocity, mass, gravity, x and y position), show orbits, show bodies and loads of other tools.

You can create some awesome effects just by letting your bodies do their thing. The interaction between each body can create some spectacular orbit diagrams.

The “remove body” feature allows you to remove a particular body if they’ve been thrown out of the solar system. This happens quite a lot, especially if you have some large bodies with huge masses.

So follow this link to the Version 1.0 Beta :

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