Time to remember my old phone.

Turns out this post was extremely ‘don’t speak too soon’. I lost the nice new Sony Erikson at the Bar Fly in Camden and so had to re-employ the services of the SLVR. What a troopa. However, come has the day of the i-phone. Those mobile phone feared words…

I’ve had my mobile for 18 months now. What a reliable sturdy companion he turned out to be. Getting me out of trouble when I needed help, entertaining me when I was bored, getting me up for work on time not to mention capturing thousands of sights all over the world, my phone literally has been every where with me and even to Paris by himself.

But the upgrade was due, and so I, myself, sent for the shotgun. The first sign of weakness and I would kill him myself. There’s no time for sentiment or lame dogs. SLVR needs to be gotten rid of, but first I need his memory.

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