The Fly

fly1.jpg fly2.jpg fly3.jpg

So, the idea originally was to create a thingy which took a predefined number of flies and made them fly about and behave like real flies. I soon got side tracked and ended up doing stuff with the mouse and so The Fly took on a different purpose. A big fat juicy timewaster.

Here are some links to different versions. All the same engine. Warning: They are a bit CPU heavy…. that will teach me to not rebuild in AS3.

TheFly – Experiment 1

TheFly – Experiment 2 – The same as before but now they shift their ass.

TheFly – Experiment 3 – Now they change colour.

TheFly – Experiment 4 – Another variation

TheFly – Experiment 5 – Trust me, there are hundreds.

I have lots more which I will upload in time. However… here’s the original FLA Flash 8, AS2

Play around with the library symbols. Easy.

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